Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just an update on the great-grandbaby.
Doctor appointment was Wednesday.
No change in her condition.
If she doesn't deliver by the 20th,
doctor suggested inducing labor.
Sierra was happy about that.
But, I think that is not a good idea.
The baby is not due until the 27th.
My labor was induced with my first baby,
but she was two weeks late.
I just don't know about inducing before due date,
with no reason other than maybe convenience
for the doctor. . . . I don't know his reason.
Is this a good thing or what?


Vera said...

I say it's not a good idea, Doctors now days always move due dates up for their own convenience. It's not good for thee baby.

Terri said...

38 weeks is considered full term so a week early shouldn't hurt anything, but I wouldn't hurry it if not necessary. Maybe the baby is getting too big, I'd do just about anything to avoid a C-section!

Janet, said...

I wouldn't suggest inducing labor either, even tho that would have it born on my son's birthday. I had mine by c-sections and they waited until I was in labor before operating. That way you're sure the baby is ready. Also, induced labor is not an easy way out, it is pretty intense.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm with you, the less drugs the better for the baby.
I say let her go atleast until due date. Unless they think the baby could be getting too big or there is some kind of problem.
Let nature take it's course!

Patty Price said...

Hi Shirley,
As I had to study this (pathology courses) I can advise that sometimes it is best. If the baby's development allows it to start breathing, etc. in the womb things can go bad very quickly. Some women just naturally have more space and the baby isn't forced out of the space.If it's only a couple of weeks the baby is in no danger - fully developed by that time. Doctors really don't know the "exact" date of conception. Good Luck

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