Friday, November 13, 2009


Who likes to wash dishes?
Not me, but I wash a lot of dishes.
I am not blessed with a dishwasher.
But, I am blessed with a window
in front of my kitchen sink,
with a wonderful view of
some of my favorite things.
The only pleasure I get from
washing dishes is being able
to watch out my kitchen window.
Below are a couple of pictures that
I took through the kitchen window
recently and want to share with you.
How many squirrels do you see
in the photo below?
How many doves?
You may have to click to enlarge.

In the next photo,
the doves have flown away.
How many squirrels do you see?

I love watching the birds and squirrels.
I have counted 17 doves at one time,
but didn't get a picture of them....
I'll have to keep trying.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This last tid bit is way over due.
I'm still here...
just haven't been posting.
I did want to share with you
a photo that I took on the
morning that we left for home.
Saturday, October 17th, 2009.

The snow was so pretty coming down.
I hated to leave.
Seems like I always hate leaving.
Our vacation was a good one...
time just went by too fast.
I hope to have another vacation
in the spring.
Vacation is something that
I always look forward to.
I love the all beauty of nature
that God has given for us to enjoy.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Ready for some more pictures?
Well, ready or not, here they are.
On one day of our stay,
we traveled through the town of Thomas
and up the mountain where the wind turbines are.
The first time I saw these (on a previous trip),
I was just amazed.
Aren't they something!
They are really big and can be seen for miles away.

Another day, we drove along a road that we
had never traveled before.
I love traveling where I've never been.
The road took us along another part of
the Blackwater River.
There were a lot of primative camp sites
along the river and a lot of them were occupied.
The campers were awaiting the trout stocking.
We walked down to where there was a deck
built out on the river bank and I took some pictures.
It was a nice day and the reflections on
the river were so pretty.
I really enjoyed that drive.

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