Thursday, December 31, 2009


December 2009...
a month that will be remembered!
I turned 62 in December 2009.
That is a milestone for me.....
will be getting my first SS check
in February....yea!
I did a little Christmas decorating...
just wasn't in the mood this year...
some troubles in our family.
Then came the BIG snow!
We were without power for four days.
We used a small Coleman propane heater
for heat...and used our Coleman camp stove
for what little cooking we did.
We burned a lot of candles
and used a propane lantern for light.
We were without water for one day.
One part of all this I enjoyed.....
we played dominoes by lantern
and candle light at night before
burying under the covers.
Below, I will share some photos...
I'm trying to learn to use my new camera.
The bird feeders were busy.

The trees were beautiful.

Huey didn't mind the snow at all.

Just look at all the snow on the fire pit.

There are still spots of snow here and there.
But, don't you just love it when everything is
all covered in a thick blanket of snow?
I do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My daughter, Terri, and my granddaughters,
Shayna and Marlee
came to visit this Sunday.
I am always glad when they visit,
since I don't see them very often.
The girls are growing up so fast.
They brought birthday surprise for me.
A beautiful coffee mug.
My girls know that I've always loved birds.
Thank you, Terri.
Shayna had a little gift tucked inside
a birthday card.
A very pretty magnetic bookmark.

She knows I read a lot.
So sweet.....
Thank you Shayna.

My children and grandchildren
mean so much to me...
they are so precious.

I thank God for these blessings.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just another normal Sunday....
Go to Sunday School
and Worship Service....
go home and cook dinner....
Tania, Holley and Lily come over.
John goes to get Daddy.
We eat dinner....
sit around and talk....
and play with Lily.
They leave...
I get ready for church.
Same ol', same ol'.
Went to Sunday School....
left before Worship Service....
go to Rite Aid for more Motrin.
I'm in pain...go home.
Take Motrin.
Get dinner ready.
Tania, Holley and Lily come in...
with a surprise for me!
To celebrate my birthday early...
just look what they brought me....
What a pretty cake!!

And a gift!
Tania knows I love birds.
She found this beautiful sweatshirt for me!
I was so surprised!
Thank you Tania.

I enjoyed the day....except for the pain.....
and I did not go to church service.
Someone suggested that I might have
dry socket after having my tooth removed.
So, I read about it online and agree.
I will see if I can tolerate it until it heals.
I do not want to go back to the dentist
for treatment....I won't go back....
unless I really need to.
Have any of you had dry socket?

Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm so far behind on posting....
I will attempt to remember
all that has been happening
to catch you up.
I'm still watching the squirrels
and the birds....
I so enjoy God's little critters.
We took advantage of the nice weather
we had and went fishing
a few of times.
So relaxing.
God is so good.
We had a good Thanksgiving.
Just my Dad, my girls and
my grandchildren.
Gave them their
Christmas money gift,
to help them get
what they want for Christmas.
I will have a few wrapped gifts
under the tree for them also.
I thank God for my grandchildren.
Stored away all of the
fall decorations.
Got out my Christmas decorations.
Decorated the little white tree.
Hubby told me to order my Christmas gift.
I'm getting a new camera.
Should be delivered today.
I had a bout with my back
for a week or more.
It was so painful.
I thank God that it is now
much better.
Just had a tooth pulled two days ago.
I do NOT like getting teeth pulled!
My mouth is still sore
and I feel like I have a tooth ache
on the whole side of my mouth.
Hopefully, time will heal it.
In the meantime, a few motrin
helps with the pain.
Thank God again.
Had my regular three month
doctor visit yesterday.
My thyroid problem is better.
She changed my cholesterol med.
She wants to see a weight loss
on my next visit.
Now, that is a hard order to fill.
I must earnestly seek God's help with that.
I can't do it on my own will power.
I need a higher power.
Lastly, to all of my praying friends,
I will close with a prayer request.
My heart has been heavily burdened
for a family problem that I cannot
discuss here....but....
please pray that God will intervene.
He knows the problem. He knows the solution.
I'm trusting in Him.
Pray for those involved to also trust in Him.
I praise God for my praying friends.
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