Friday, July 30, 2010


This is my Myrtle Beach vacation post,
which I started on July 17,
the day after I returned.
I am just now finishing it on July 30.

I spent the week of July 10-15 at Myrtle Beach, S.C.
It was my first visit to the beach.
I am not a beach person.
I love to vacation in the WV mountains.
I decided that I wanted to see the ocean....
if only just this one time....
to see  another part of
God's wonderful creation.

My youngest daughter and her family
have gone to the beach every summer
for probably the past 15 years.
My son-in-law works at Red Roof Inn
and gets free lodging at any Red Roof Inn.
His immediate family members get lodging
at half price, making it possible for me
to afford the trip, especially since my
oldest daughter went and we split the cost.

I did not enjoy the trip.
It was a long trip....about 500 miles,
and the traffic was very heavy in parts.
I was glad that my daughter wanted
to do all of the driving.

God had just blessed me with a used
2010 Kia Forte with very little mileage,
therefore providing a good means of transportation.
Below are pictures I took when we stopped
at one of the rest areas in South Carolina.

That long trip was worth it.
My first sight of the ocean was just awesome.
I walked along the beach and let the waves
come up on my feet.
The breeze was so nice.
Since the temperature was hot,
I visited the beach early in the day
and late in the day when it
was cooler.

Below are a few of the many pictures
that I took of the beach, ocean and waves....

I so enjoyed the time spent with my granddaughters.
I enjoyed seeing them have such a good time.
They walked out into the waves.

Below is a list of some of the things that I did while there:

Visited Ripley's Aquarium

Saw Toy Story III in 3D.

Shopped at a huge indoor flea market.

Shopped at several of the many shops along King's Highway.

Walked out on two different piers...awesome!

Walked on the beach almost every day.

Played games at an arcade with my granddaughters.

My Myrtle Beach vacation was most likely a
once in a lifetime event for me.
I truly enjoyed seeing all the sights...
especially the ocean.

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