Sunday, January 31, 2010


This past year has really
gone by fast!
Shayna turned 17 on January 25.
Seems like only yesterday that
she was sweet 16.
The photo above shows her
cutting her birthday cake...
chocolate brownie ice cream cake.
My little girl is growing up fast...
and I'm really proud of her...
This fall she will be starting
her senior year at high school...
and from there her hope is off
to college to be a teacher...
art teacher.

Below is a photo of Shayna with Lily.
She just loves Lily...and Lily loves her.
I love watching them together.

It won't be long that we will be
celebrating Lily's 1st birthday.

I love my grandchildren....
wish I could see them more often.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


OK, it is time for Ma Ma to bragg some more.
As you know, Shayna is the artist in the family.
On Christmas, she gave Terri (her mom),
a framed sketch of their Japanese Chins,
Jackson (Jacks), and Jillian (Bean).
I thought she did a great job.

Below is a photo of their Japanese Chins.
This photo did not enlarge well...
so I left it small.....
it must have been taken with
a phone camera....but,
you can still see the resemblance.

You can understand why I am so proud of her....

can't you?

Friday, January 8, 2010


It is already January 8, 2010...
and I'm finally getting a Christmas post on.
I enjoyed having my daughters and their families
on Christmas Eve.....and of course
Johnny, Sierra and Lily.
We had lots of good food....
big turkey with dressing, ham, mashed
potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole,
and lots of good deserts.
This was Lily's first Christmas.
She was facinated with the wrapping.
She got lots of educational toys.

I got Shayna, our young artist,
art supplies....
she seemed very pleased.
Check out that hat....
doesn't she look like an artist?

Holley is wondering what is in her package.
I got her things from her list....
small curling iron, hair brush and
fuzzy socks.
Here is Marlee....
she likes earrings.
I got her a kit to make several
pairs of earrings and tools to work with.
Here is Johnny and Sierra.
I got Johnny a pair of fleece pants....
Sierra said he would have to share those.
Sierra got a manicure set and a box
of her favorite candy....
chocolate covered cherries.
Here are all of my granddaughters.
Shayna loves to play with Lily.
I just love my granddaughters.

They are all so precious.
Shayna is so grown up...
Marlee and Holley are so
growing up....
and now we have little Lily.
God has blessed me with these
wonderful girls....
I love being a ma ma...or granny,
as Shayna and Marlee call me.

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