Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Oh, what a nice morning for a
walk around the yard....
while Missy and Huey
romp around under
the chestnut trees....
watching the squirrels.
The old Mail Pouch thermometer
showed an invigorating 56 degrees....
I'm lov'in it.

My fall flag is blowing in the breeze.

My little fall buddy looks happy....
just leaning on the well.
Just look at this azalea plant.....
it has produced one little flower....
peeping out for one last look before winter.
The ornamental grass is showing off
it's pretty new fall attire,
which will soon become all fuzzy.
The burning bushes are beginning
to sport their fall color....
and will soon be all red.
My heart is praising God
for all the glorious beauty
this wonderful season brings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just had to post about
my granddaughter's achievements.
Eariler this month, she entered the
Pre-Teen WV America Scholorship and
Recognition Program.
This took place in Morgantown, WV,
I knew she would do good.....
She is really smart.
She brought home three trophies.

She was chosen as one of the semi finalists......
obtained the highest score on the
knowledge assessment test,
and was 2nd runner up in talent.
As you can see below,
her talent is violin playing.
She played "Country Roads".
Isn't she a pretty girl!
She will be 13 on October 22nd.
Way to go, Marlee!
MaMa loves you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


"I see you up there.....
come on down so I can chase you."

"I see you down there....
I'm staying up here until you're not watching."
Huey loves to chase the squirrels.
Our chestnut trees are full of them.....
chestnuts and squirrels.
They sometimes come down
to get them on the ground.
Huey has almost caught them.
It is very entertaining....
sitting on my front porch and watching.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A sure sign of fall....
The chestnut trees are full....

The ground is covered.
I picked up two buckets full....just in front of my porch.

Those hulls are very prickley....
I use a pair of tongs to pick them up.
John uses leather gloves.
He picks them up on the hill.
They are mostly empty hulls....
The squirrls and deer eat the nuts.
I gathered a few that hadn't been eaten yet.
In past years, I used to gather the nuts....
There are always lots of nuts.
I would save them to take with us on vacation.
We would feed them to the deer in the parks.
I know it is against the law to do that,
but we did.
This year, we won't be doing it.
The squirrls eat them during the day....
and the deer come out at night....
even Huey eats them....
so, there aren't enough to gather.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Just checking in.
It has been a while.
I've been visiting you.
Sometimes I comment.
Sometimes I don't.
I know.....
I don't like it when visitors don't comment.
You must forgive me.
I do enjoy visiting you, though.
I just haven't been "with it" lately.
I've had a lot on my mind.

My 1st blog anniversary was September 15th.
That was this past Tuesday......time flies.
I've got to get "with it" again.
Must clear my cluttered mind.

It is time to decorate for fall again.
That is something I've always loved.
But haven't been too enthused about it yet.
Have only begun to get my decorations out.
I was all "into it" this time last year.
I posted lots of pictures.

I am looking forward to vacation.
Going back to Canaan Valley.
Staying at Black Bear Resort again.
October 10th - October 17th .
Just enjoying the scenery…
enjoying the peace…..
I think that is what I need….vacation.
Just away from it all for a while.

Until next time…..

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