Sunday, February 22, 2009


Oh what a beautiful sight
to wake up to on this Sunday morning.
When I looked out my kitchen window,
I just had to take some pictures.
If you click to enlarge the pictures,
you will see some birds.

Did you find the two cardinals in the above pine tree?
Hope you enjoyed my snow pictures.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Those of you who have been following my blog
Should know that I love birds.
I love watching them, feeding them,
and listening to them sing.
The owl is a bird that fascinates me,
because that is one bird that I rarely see.
When I do see one, I get really excited.
I don’t remember when I started collecting owls,
but I do have a big collection of them.
Some are wall hangings, paintings, plaques,
and figurines….big and small.
Some I bought myself, some were gifts.
The most of them were yard sale finds.
I want to share them with you here.
I hope you don’t get bored looking at all of them.

The owls below greet everyone
who steps upon my back porch.
This was a yard sale find.
Also on my back porch is this hanging owl.
It holds a candle for light.
Also a yard sale find.

The clock below was a gift from my mom.
It hangs on my front porch.

Another clock on my front porch
was given to me by my Aunt Irma.
She found it at a yard sale.

This burlap and carpet wall hanging
was a gift from my sister, Connie.

This set of paintings is
another yard sale find.
One has the date 1973 on it.

This is the Home Interior owl picture.

I've had this for a very long time.

This is a painting that I found at a yard sale.

This pretty plaque was a gift from my sister, Connie.

Another yard sale find. An owl wood carving.

These are a couple of Home Interior owls.

These ceramic owls were a yard sale find.

This is my pin collection.
Three of them were yard sale finds.
Four of them were gifts.
The small circle one with two owls
on a branch was a gift from
my mom. It is from Avon.

This retro looking owl is a napkin holder.
A yard sale find.
I use it on my desk to hold papers.

These three yard sale finds are used on
my desk as pencil holders.

These yard sale finds are toothpick holders.

This yard sale find
sits on my kitchen sink,
holding scouring pads
and watchs me do dishes.

This little owl sticks to my frig,
letting me know the temperature.

These are another yard sale find.
Book end owls.

I really like this unique owl.
It is a basket….
the head is the lid.
Another yard sale find.

This owl sits out by the fish pond.
A gift from my sister, Connie.

The owl below stands watch
in our back yard above our garden space.

More yard sale finds.
the one on the left is a bank.

Sea shell owls and brass owls.
The large sea shell owl was a gift
from my daughter, Tania.
The small one was a gift
from my granddaughter.
The others were yard sale finds.

These are two candle holders on my porch.
They are very old.

In the collection below is a very special owl.
The white owl with the graduation cap.
It is from Avon and a gift from my mom.
The other four owls beside it are also Avon.
The other two are yard sale finds.

In the next photo, the owl on the far left
is a candle….a gift from a friend.
The one beside it holds a candle inside.
The second one from the left is a bell.

In the next two photos,
there are over thirty owls,
mostly yard sale finds.
The two black ones are made from coal.
These owls are displayed in my curio cabinet
that John made me out of one of his gun cabinets.
Wasn’t that nice of him?

The owls below are also in my curio cabinet.
The one on the far right is a gift from
my daughter, Terri.
The one with wings outspread is
one I fell in love with and had to buy.
The other two are gifts from
my secret sis of several years ago.

This is the end of my owl collection
I hope you enjoyed it.
I also have a large collection of angels,
and an Avon collection
that I started before I was married,
over 42 years ago.

Maybe someday I'll tackle the job of posting them also.

Monday, February 9, 2009


February 6, 1984.

It was twenty five years ago this past Friday that I became Ma Ma for the first time.

It was on a Sunday night.

I came home from church and found out that my oldest daughter had gone into labor.

Off to the hospital we went.

We had some waiting to do before his arrival.

After the waiting was over, we went to the nursery and a nurse held up my grandson to the window so we could get a good look.

I can still picture in my mind that precious little baby boy through the window.

I always said that he was my little boy that God gave me.

I always wanted a boy.

He was named John Lee, after grandpa John and his dad, Donald Lee.

He has always been "Johnny" to us.

He was the joy of my heart.

I think he stayed at my house every weekend until he was "grown up".

When he had to go home I always cried.

He practically stayed the entire summers when he was old enough for my youngest daughter to watch him while I was at work.

He went on every vacation with us.

When he was five years old, he got his first nintendo.

He loved playing it.

When he was a little older, he got the game "The Legand of Zelda", which was his favorite.

When I was shopping for his birthday gift, I saw the t-shirt pictured below and just had to get it for him.

He is all grown up now and he and his wife are expecting a little girl on March 27th.

He will always be "my little boy".


Hey girls, I've copied the following from Denise's post. This is the first time I've heard of this and it sounded like so much fun that I wanted in on it too. If you're interested just follow the directions and go for it.

Here are the rules :The first 3 bloggers to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand-made item from me.Those 3 bloggers promise to post this challenge on their blog (meaning they too will ‘pay-it-forward’, creating a handmade gift for the first 3 bloggers that leave a comment on their blog!!) That's a lot of hand-made love being passed around! ; )The gift can be any price range--though I'm thinking that keeping it small will be sufficient--and you have 365 days to make/ship your gift!!So, the person receiving this will be definitely surprised when a surprise shows up unexpectedly in their mailbox! As you can see, if everyone cooperates and "pays it forward" this spreading of love could go on for a very long time. If you want to participate, just leave a comment telling me so and then repost this on your blog so that you can pay it forward to 3 others, and so on, and so on, and so on.......You can still leave a comment here even if you do not want to participate....... Just tell me if you do...... It is that easy!I love doing this and had such a great time with it last year................... Sooooooooo Pay it Forward girls.....................
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