Friday, October 17, 2008


Another place we like to visit when in Canaan Valley is Dolly Sods. We just drive to the top, enjoying the scenery and taking pictures. We have never attempted to go on any of the trails. I'm a scaredy cat anyway.....afraid of meeting a bear. The road is a graveled road and in some places it has pot holes that you really have to slow down for. The trip to the top, is around 15 miles and takes a long time to drive because of the road. On this trip, we were in for a little treat when we reached the top. There were three painters set up painting. I thought that was just great.

I took this photo as soon as I got out of our truck, but got brave and walked on over closer when I saw others doing so. (I'm shy.)

This is a close up of one painter's work.

This is another close up. I liked this one the best.

This is the last one. They were all really good. I really enjoyed seeing them.

This sign tells about
Bear Rocks Preserve.

We walked up to the rocks, along with another couple who were visiting also. They pointed out the tea berry plant. They said that is where tea berry gum gets it's flavor from.

This is a photo showing a section of the rocks.

This is a view I shot from atop the rocks.

This photo was taken near the top. Aren't the colors pretty!

Notice that the trees don't have branches on one side. That is due to the wind.

This is a close up shot showing
a one sided tree.

Just look at the red "carpet".

This was taken at an overlook
along the road. Another awesome view!

This was taken along the road.
I thought the yellow and red looked good mixed in with the evergreens.

This is a sign that is in a camping area a little ways off the road. Notice the "Bear Country" sign.

This is a sign I snapped on the way back down.

This concludes the posting of our vacation. There was so much more that I wanted to see and do, but you can only do so much in four days.......and those four days did go by so fast. It just doesn't seem right that something you look forward to for so long, passes by so fast. But I am thankful to God that He allowed us the time that we did have. The beauty of the fall season, especially in the mountains, always fills my heart with praise for God. His creation gives us so much to enjoy. And, I agree with what someone just feel closer to God in the mountains.


When in Canaan Valley, we always visit Blackwater Falls State Park. There wasn't much water on the falls this week. I took my picture from the handicap overlook. I have a lot of photos of Blackwater Falls and I didn't feel like walking down all those steps, well the walk back up is what is bad. I took a lot of pictures o f the mountains there and we walked around the lodge some. I also took pictures of deer and a cabin that some had really went all out with their fall decorations. On Wednesday evening, the 8th, we had our anniversary dinner at Blackwater Falls restaurant. We had the buffet and the food was really good.

This is the sign going into Davis,
where Blackwater State Park is located. The part that is too small to read says: "The Highest Incorporated Town in West Virginia".

Just past the Davis sign, there is a place where the mountain water runs out of the ground continuously.

John is filling a couple of water bottles. The water is really good. He remembers getting water here years ago when he was a teenager deer hunting in the area.

A photo of the Blackwater Canyon.

A view of Blackwater Falls taken from the handicap overlook. This is the lowest that I've ever seen the water.

Some deer and colorful foliage in the cabin area of Blackwater Falls State Park.

A cabin at Blackwater Falls State Park. I think they went a little overboard with decorations.

This is so neat! I know you can't see it very well, but someone has stacked rocks by the sign of a trail called "Balanced Rock Trail".

This is a more close up view, but it doesn't show them all.

This is the entrance of the Blackwater Falls Lodge.

Behind the lodge, located on the overlook, is Halley's time capsule that will be opened in the year 2062, upon the comet's return. I don't think I will be around for that.

Another view of the mountains at the park.

e sign reads: CAUTION ROCK CLIFFS. This sign is located near the Pendleton Falls overlook, looking down into the Blackwater Canyon.

"Be careful, John".
He always makes me nervous, walking to the edge of those cliffs, his hands in his pockets. Doesn't bother him one bit. ___________________________________________________


One of the things that John and I both enjoy is fishing. The Blackwater River runs through Canaan Valley Resort. The DNR stocks this river with trout in October, however the stocking had not taken place yet. That did not stop us from fishing. John even caught a couple of nice size trout that had evidently survived since the spring stocking. Wasn't that nice of God? I believe that God does do things like that for us all. He loves us.

I just had to snap this photo at the entrance of Canaan Valley Lodge. Aren't the mums pretty!
You are probably thinking that I should be sitting on the bench. Well, I'm camera shy too.

The leaf covered Blackwater River Trail.

Some interesting rocks along the trail.

Some pretty ferns along the trail.

Thistle by the river.

I took a picture of this plant along the Blackwater River. I don't know what it is but thought the little flower was pretty.

John with his trout. (I just can't get him to smile.)


The day I'd been waiting for had finally come. October 6th, the day we headed for the mountains. Canaan Valley to be exact, in wild an
d wonderful West Virginia. Land that I love.

The week (actually four nights) that we had reserved way back in the spring turned out to be a glorious time for God's spectacular show of beauty He had bestowed upon the mountains. My heart was full of praise for such magnificent beauty. Even the weather was good. The trip there was good. No traffic problems at all. Beautiful scenery. God is so good.

We stopped in Elkins at Subway for a sub for take out and kept heading for higher ground. We found a picnic table at Canaan Valley Resort where we ate. While we were there, we spotted deer in the wooded area. After we ate, we continued to our destination, Black Bear Resort. This would be our first time stay at this Resort. We did not know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised at how nice the accommodations were. It was very clean and had all the conveniences of home. The deck provided a great view of the mountains. I'm afraid that the pictures I took don't do justice to the real beauty.

I don't know why they call it Black Bear Resort, we didn't see any bear. (I was glad about that.)

A welcome sign. It was a very friendly and welcoming place.

A view of our cabin. Actually they are called pedestals.

This picture didn't turn out very good. You can't see them very well in this picture, but I brought some fall decorations with me. Missy is at the bottom of the steps. She didn't know I was taking a picture. She is afraid of the camera.

This is the deck that I enjoyed so much.

This is a view from the deck.

This is the dining area in the cabin. The flash made a big glare on the picture. All the rooms were decorated nicely.

This is one view of the living room.

This is another view of the living room. I love the photos of the wildlife. There is a fireplace, but the weather was so unseasonably warm that we did not have a fire. (I love fire in a fireplace.) I caught Missy in this one, too. She is the one who is camera shy. (I also took a photo of the bedroom, but it didn't show up on my camera.)

This is the view from our cabin of a gazebo, which has a nice wooden glider in it.
Aren't the trees just gorgeous!

This is a view of the fish pond from our cabin.

This is a closer view of the pond.

And this is yet a closer view. I took this one from the bench by the pond. I think you know by now that I really enjoyed sitting by the pond.

This is a photo of the Black Bear Resort Lodge, taken while I was at the pond.
This is the first posting of our vacation. More postings to follow.
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