Friday, October 17, 2008


One of the things that John and I both enjoy is fishing. The Blackwater River runs through Canaan Valley Resort. The DNR stocks this river with trout in October, however the stocking had not taken place yet. That did not stop us from fishing. John even caught a couple of nice size trout that had evidently survived since the spring stocking. Wasn't that nice of God? I believe that God does do things like that for us all. He loves us.

I just had to snap this photo at the entrance of Canaan Valley Lodge. Aren't the mums pretty!
You are probably thinking that I should be sitting on the bench. Well, I'm camera shy too.

The leaf covered Blackwater River Trail.

Some interesting rocks along the trail.

Some pretty ferns along the trail.

Thistle by the river.

I took a picture of this plant along the Blackwater River. I don't know what it is but thought the little flower was pretty.

John with his trout. (I just can't get him to smile.)


Kathy said...

Mmmm, trout for dinner - that sounds good.

Janet said...

Loved the close up pictures of the plant life and the river trail.

Robert E. Connors, FACHE, PMP said...

Hi: I like to fish for trout as well, and visit the park quite often. Do you access the Blackwater trail from the golf parking lot?

Shirley said...

In answer to Robert Conners's comment....yes we do. Sorry I took so long to answer...but I just found your comment.

silverkingalaska said...

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