Friday, October 17, 2008


The day I'd been waiting for had finally come. October 6th, the day we headed for the mountains. Canaan Valley to be exact, in wild an
d wonderful West Virginia. Land that I love.

The week (actually four nights) that we had reserved way back in the spring turned out to be a glorious time for God's spectacular show of beauty He had bestowed upon the mountains. My heart was full of praise for such magnificent beauty. Even the weather was good. The trip there was good. No traffic problems at all. Beautiful scenery. God is so good.

We stopped in Elkins at Subway for a sub for take out and kept heading for higher ground. We found a picnic table at Canaan Valley Resort where we ate. While we were there, we spotted deer in the wooded area. After we ate, we continued to our destination, Black Bear Resort. This would be our first time stay at this Resort. We did not know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised at how nice the accommodations were. It was very clean and had all the conveniences of home. The deck provided a great view of the mountains. I'm afraid that the pictures I took don't do justice to the real beauty.

I don't know why they call it Black Bear Resort, we didn't see any bear. (I was glad about that.)

A welcome sign. It was a very friendly and welcoming place.

A view of our cabin. Actually they are called pedestals.

This picture didn't turn out very good. You can't see them very well in this picture, but I brought some fall decorations with me. Missy is at the bottom of the steps. She didn't know I was taking a picture. She is afraid of the camera.

This is the deck that I enjoyed so much.

This is a view from the deck.

This is the dining area in the cabin. The flash made a big glare on the picture. All the rooms were decorated nicely.

This is one view of the living room.

This is another view of the living room. I love the photos of the wildlife. There is a fireplace, but the weather was so unseasonably warm that we did not have a fire. (I love fire in a fireplace.) I caught Missy in this one, too. She is the one who is camera shy. (I also took a photo of the bedroom, but it didn't show up on my camera.)

This is the view from our cabin of a gazebo, which has a nice wooden glider in it.
Aren't the trees just gorgeous!

This is a view of the fish pond from our cabin.

This is a closer view of the pond.

And this is yet a closer view. I took this one from the bench by the pond. I think you know by now that I really enjoyed sitting by the pond.

This is a photo of the Black Bear Resort Lodge, taken while I was at the pond.
This is the first posting of our vacation. More postings to follow.


Kathy said...

I guess I should have scrolled down first and started reading. So you were on vacation. Well it looks like you had beautiful country to enjoy on your vacation. I'm so glad you had a good time.

Janet said...

Sis, You're making me want to go on vacation again. I love the little gazebo on the pond.

Angela said...

Thanks for visiting me! I soooo love Canaan Valley too!!! We just got back from a 4 night stay this week! Our 2nd trip this Summer! My husband wanted to go again! Yeah!!!!

The weather there is just fantastic! I really want a Summer home there but unfortunately they are just priced way beyond what I would pay or be able to pay for a house there. We haven't been there in October because of the kids in school. Your pictures are just gorgeous! I love the fall colors and it looks like you were there at a great time to catch all of those wonderful colors with your camera! We haven't stayed in the Black Bear Resort. We usually rent a home at or I can tell you about a few of the homes that we have stayed in over the past 5 years if you like! lol We really like to stay in the gated community of Old Timberline the most. You can drive to the top of the hill and watch the sun set. At the bottom of the hill there are sooooo many deer. And the ponds and lakes are just stocked with fish. The kids just love it there. That is all my 5 yr old boy talks about is going to the Mounts! hehehe

I also can tell you our favorite places to eat! Brunch is back at Canaan Resort. We think the food there is out of this world! Siranni's for pizza and strawberry pizza! Amelia's for zucchini strips, lasagna, peanut butter pie and they make everything there homemade! I have menus for them too! I've heard that the burito place is good also but we are always wanting pizza.

I can talk for hours about Canaan Valley! lol


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