Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Family Member!

Baby Huey.

He is a cute little thing and is not camera shy. He is almost eight months old. We call him Huey. He came with the name and it seems to suit him well. He just bursts with energy, bouncing and jumping around all over the place, even on me. He loves affection and will jump up on you for it. He also loves to chew - especially what should not be chewed. He is the typical curious pup. His most recent escapades includes the discovery of a field mouse out back of our home (my husband went running with a shovel to kill what he thought could have been a snake). Then, the same day, we discovered a young opossum on our front porch that had somehow gotten itself shut in. When we finally got it off the porch Huey went after it. Huey was all brave until the opossum turned and hissed at him, causing Him to back off. I sure wish I had my camera ready for that. With things like that going on, it pays to have a camera in your pocket or around your neck at all times.

Isn't he cute?


Janet said...

Yes, he is so cute!

Beckynsc said...

He's an adorable little feller!

I keep my camera handy all the time. I get teased about it. And they are surprised when I don't have it ready.

Anonymous said...


- Shayna said...

Hi and Welcome to Blogland! Thank you for being a follower of my blog! How neat is that!

Your puppy dog is so cute!
So are all the scarecrows on your last post!! They are so adorable!!

Did you know that Linda at is from West Virginia too!
Hugs, Grams

Kathy said...

He is absolutely adorable!

tipper said...

So cute! And so much fun I bet!

beebasmom said...

Huey is VERY CUTE!! You should post more photos of him!

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