Saturday, January 21, 2012


I tried to catch up with my blogging, but sort of got left behind on catching up.  My desire is still there tugging at me.  I have missed all of my blogging friends, and am wondering what's been happening with them.  I plan on catching up with them.  I do hope you haven't forgotten me.  I truly enjoyed sharing with you and you sharing with me.  Which, by the way, brings me to something that I want to share with you all.

There is a young man in my church who just started a blog this year.  He states that he is not a writer, but, I say he is a very talented writer with a lot of good things to share.  I am sure you will be blessed as you read what he has to say.  I am also sure you will want to follow him to be continually blessed.  I am proud to introduce him to you.  His name is Jim Erlandson, and his blog is at  Start reading from his first post to the last and you will see why I am making this recommendation.  You will thank me for it.

God bless you all.  I will be back.
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