Friday, April 30, 2010


Such craftsmanship, or should I say
This nest is attached to the side of
one of our out buildings,
on top of a piece of pvc.
They sure did pick a good location,
with the overhang on the building
to protect from the weather.
See the head peering out
above the nest?
Don't know what kind of bird it is yet.
Do you have any idea?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


John went turkey hunting this past Monday,
April 26th.
He didn't get to shoot a turkey,
but this is what he found as he was coming
off the hill.........

This note was rolled up and attached to balloons
that had fallen in the woods.
(I covered the phone number.)
I looked up Eastern Bowling Lanes online.
I discovered it to be in Middletown, OH,
which is quite a distance from where
the note landed here.
I then decided to call the number.
When someone answered the phone,
I asked to speak with Carly.
She said she was Carly.
I then went on to explain why I was calling.
Carly was really excited....she couldn't believe it.
She said that she and a couple of friends sent up messages
with their balloons, wondering if anyone would call.
I asked her age, and she said thirteen.
I told her I have a thirteen year old granddaughter.
I was also excited that I made her happy by calling.
I'm sure she contacted her friends right away.

Has that, or anything similar, happened to you?
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