Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Visitors by night.
For quite some time now,
we have been having visitors during the night.
Our bird feeders have been vandalized.
Suet cakes disappear.
Bird houses torn down.
Huey barking....barking….barking.
Finally….the mystery has been solved.
Late one night, we were sitting on the porch.
Huey began barking at something.
I ran for my camera and turned on the outside light.
I ran outside to where Huey was.
Huey was looking up….
I looked up.
I snapped a few pictures,
hoping they would take in the darkness.
Can you see it?
It was a BIG one this time.
Maybe the daddy or mommy
of the one that was on the porch before.
It was sitting way up there on our old TV antenna.

I’m sure it was in the bird feeder that is beside
the antenna pole.
Huey saw it and it jumped over to the pole
and climbed up to the antenna.

Another exciting evening.


I don’t remember when I started collecting angels.
I do have a big collection.
Most of my angels came from yard sales.
Some came as gifts.
I want to share these with you.

First of all…I want to share
my favorite angel verses:

Psalm 91:11
For he shall give his angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways.

Psalm 34:7
The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him,
and delivereth them.

Luke 4:10
For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:

Hebrews 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Now…my collection……

This first angel is the latest addition
to my angel collection……
it was a gift from a very special blogger friend…
Thank you Denise.

I hope you can read what it says on
the bottom of this angel.

Now begins my collection.
A trinket holder.

A little trinket holder...
a gift from my daughter.
The heart says, "A Mom is Love".
Isn't she sweet!

I have two sets of these small angels.

The one in the middle is crocheted.
The tall one is a December angel,
my birthday month.

These are teeny tiny.

I like these cuties.

These two look very old.

The small one in the middle is a candle holder.

Guardian angels.

The tall one plays music.

One of my favorites with the lion and lamb.

These three play music.

This one plays music.

Wow....did you count them?



On Memorial Day,
I met with my sister, Janet,
from Writing in the Blackberry Patch,
and my cousin, Vera,
from Intouchwith,
at the Edens' Family Cemetary.
You can view Janet's post
about that visit on her blog.
We had a good visit there in the cemetary.
I hadn't been there for a while and it was
good to visit again.
Janet, who is so lucky to get to go
yard selling a lot more than I do....
gave me something to add to my
growing owl collection.
Isn't he cute!
Thanks again, Janet.
I have placed him above my
computer where I can see him.

Vera walked to her car and came back
with a bag, saying that she has
something for me.
She had been yard selling over the weekend
and saw something that made her think of me,
and got it for me.
It's a real McCoy!
Thank you, Vera.
It just blessed my heart
that she thought of me.
It is a wonderful feeling (blessing)...
just knowing that you are thought of.
I have placed him on top of my frig
to watch over all.
Janet was amazed that I knew nothing
about "McCoy" cookie jars.
She has one of her own that she also
found at a yard sale.
Well, it's not important to me....
I just collect owls.....
among other things....
like angels that I will be posting soon.
I'd love to see your collections.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It happened late last night.
I am on the computer.
John is asleep in the living room chair.
Missy wants me to take her outside.
On the way to the door I hear Huey barking.
I hear a commotion on the outside porch.
Sounds like he is in trouble.
I run on to the door while yelling at John.
I turn on the outside light.
I open the door…still yelling at John.
Missy and I go out onto the inside porch.
Huey is on the outside porch…still barking.
I’m still yelling for John.
Huey is trying to climb up the outside doorway.
I look up and scream for John this time.
John finally makes his way out.
Missy runs back inside…scared to death.
John says….
“That’s what has been getting Huey’s food.”
Most of my fear is gone now.
I have to get a picture of this.
I run inside for my camera.
I open the outside porch door.
I step out just enough to snap a photo.
He is looking right at me.
Oh, he is so cute!
Can’t be very old.
He is so afraid.
Poor little thing.

John gets Huey on the inside porch.
The cute little critter escapes...fast.
Huey goes back out....zoom!
He's back on the trail.
It's been a long time since I've had
that much excitement.
I rather enjoyed it.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Another Monday...all is quiet here now....
peaceful.....my mind is wondering.
I had a good Sunday with all of my family...
celebrating Tania's birthday....
thinking back over the years....
she was my first.....
we had a lot of good times together....
we were like buddies....did everything together....
Terri came along when she was five....
loved having a baby again.
I had to go to work before she was two....
hate that I missed out on so much with her....
they can tell me so many things that happened
when they were young that I can't remember....
there is so much that I can't remember.....
I asked why was that....
Marlee..my twelve year old granddaughter
explained what she had learned in school
about the brain....and why I couldn't remember.
I love my grandchildren so much....
they are all so smart....and good kids.
Holley is eleven...getting ready for her class trip....
going to Williamsburg, VA....
just got her first cell phone....
she is getting so "grown up".
Shayna is having problems with poison ivy....
she is such a pretty sixteen year old girl....
and so compassionate....like her mom.
They are all growing up so, so fast.
Johnny came yesterday also with little Lily....
Sierra had other things to do....
I'm so glad she let Johnny bring Lily....
she is growing so much....
I don't get to see her often at all....
it's so hard to believe that my "little Johnny"
is a daddy.
My girls grew up so fast...
my grandchildren are growing up so fast...
that means one thing....I'm getting old....
maybe I shouldn't think so much.
Hope I haven't bored you with some of my thoughts
as I sit here alone this Monday morning.
I'd love to hear your alone thoughts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by Susan
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Have a great Wednesday!

Another walk around the yard today.

Oh how I love a cool day!

Hope you enjoyed our little walk today.

Come visit again next Wednesday.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother’s day, 2009....
a day I won’t forget.

For over a month before mother’s day,
my daughters were creating
a surprise gift for me….
They were real sneaky about it.
I usually know when things are
happening around me….
but this time…I didn’t even suspect.
The gift that they created
really touched my heart….
even now when I think about it….
I’m teary eyed.
I love my girls….
they grew up so fast….
and now have families of their own.
What they did, showed their love….
I am so proud of them….
and will always cherish the
wonderful picture book
of memories.

I will share a few pages with you.

The front cover...
Me with Terri...newborn...
Tania holdng up birth announcement.

Front inside cover.

My girls when they were young...
my grandchildren when they were young.

No, I didn't wish for twins.

My girls and their family.

My first great-grandbaby, Lilyana Grace.
Born 03/16/09.
Back inside cover.

Back cover. All my grandchildren.

I love my family.
Thank you girls for giving me one of the
most memorable mother's day ever....
I love you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just want to wish each of you mothers
a very nice mother's day....enjoy!

Love you all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok....I guess....since no one wanted to guess...
I'll have to tell you the answer.

The only comments I got were from my sister...
Janet from Writing in the Blackberry Patch and...
my cousin, Vera from Intouch With.
They wouldn't guess because they knew the answer
and didn't want to give it away...so......
for all you others......
the "old" picture is of myself and...
my sister, Janet.
We were just messing around that day....
and both had on wigs....
oh what I wouldn't give....
to be that size again...
the year was 1971....
I was 23 yrs old...
been married for four years...
and already had one daughter.

Love to see one of your "old" pictures.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by Susan
at A Southern Daydreamer.
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Walking around the yard....

Don't know what these are called...
do you? Are they bluebells?

These are about ready to bloom.
I don’t know what these are called…
some kind of a “wort”, I think.
I love the blooms……
I’ll post them later.

Look at the BIG buds on the peonies.
Iris by the pond.
Closeup of white azealea bush.
Closeup of pink azealea bush.
Look what the rain did to my azealea bushes!
Hosta along the back porch.
Daddy bluebird....babies are inside.
Mommy bluebird....they've been feeding the babies.

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