Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Memorial Day,
I met with my sister, Janet,
from Writing in the Blackberry Patch,
and my cousin, Vera,
from Intouchwith,
at the Edens' Family Cemetary.
You can view Janet's post
about that visit on her blog.
We had a good visit there in the cemetary.
I hadn't been there for a while and it was
good to visit again.
Janet, who is so lucky to get to go
yard selling a lot more than I do....
gave me something to add to my
growing owl collection.
Isn't he cute!
Thanks again, Janet.
I have placed him above my
computer where I can see him.

Vera walked to her car and came back
with a bag, saying that she has
something for me.
She had been yard selling over the weekend
and saw something that made her think of me,
and got it for me.
It's a real McCoy!
Thank you, Vera.
It just blessed my heart
that she thought of me.
It is a wonderful feeling (blessing)...
just knowing that you are thought of.
I have placed him on top of my frig
to watch over all.
Janet was amazed that I knew nothing
about "McCoy" cookie jars.
She has one of her own that she also
found at a yard sale.
Well, it's not important to me....
I just collect owls.....
among other things....
like angels that I will be posting soon.
I'd love to see your collections.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute little owls. And thoughtful sisters. Sounds like you not only got a blessing from the cemetery but from those who you were there with.

Vera said...

Glad you like the cookie jar.

Janet, said...

Glad you like your owls! It's nice visiting the family cemetery with family members, just like the old days.

Sharon Brumfield said...

How cool that you collect owls.
And how sweet of your friends to add to your collection.
I wish I could show you mine but they are all in storage until I have a house to put them in.
I have collected lighthouses and sailboats. When others found that I collected them my collection grew so large that I looked like I could open a shop. :)
But I have some beautiful ones and I love my sailboats to.
I don't know anything about the cookie jar thing...but I love it!

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