Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother’s day, 2009....
a day I won’t forget.

For over a month before mother’s day,
my daughters were creating
a surprise gift for me….
They were real sneaky about it.
I usually know when things are
happening around me….
but this time…I didn’t even suspect.
The gift that they created
really touched my heart….
even now when I think about it….
I’m teary eyed.
I love my girls….
they grew up so fast….
and now have families of their own.
What they did, showed their love….
I am so proud of them….
and will always cherish the
wonderful picture book
of memories.

I will share a few pages with you.

The front cover...
Me with Terri...newborn...
Tania holdng up birth announcement.

Front inside cover.

My girls when they were young...
my grandchildren when they were young.

No, I didn't wish for twins.

My girls and their family.

My first great-grandbaby, Lilyana Grace.
Born 03/16/09.
Back inside cover.

Back cover. All my grandchildren.

I love my family.
Thank you girls for giving me one of the
most memorable mother's day ever....
I love you.


Janet, said...

Very nice! I knew about this, I was to look for pictures to send Terri Ann and I forgot. She should have reminded me. (Shouldn't that read Tania holding up birth announcement?)

Terri said...

We love you too mom!

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a sweet gift!
You are definitely loved by many!

Shirley said...

Thanks Janet.

Vera said...

It is gifts like this that mean the most, you are so blessed.

Denise said...

What a sweeeeeeeeeeet gift..... Now that would make ME cry....... You are blessed girl, and loved. After all is said and done in our lives, it is family that matters....... You have a great bunch around you that LOVE YOU........... God has give you a big smile!

Have a good week..... Pillow will be winging its way to your house this week....BUT I will have to put on waders up to my hips to get out! So much rain!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Oh! Shirley,
What a most precious treasure you have there, It is absolutely precious!!
What precious and thoughtful girls you have.They had a wonderful teacher!
You have a beautiful family too. I am so blessed by reading this. This is truly Proverbs 31:28
Sue said...

What a lovely gift! You will always treasure this gift! You have raised a wonderful bunch of kids!! Love and hugs Grams

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