Friday, October 17, 2008


When in Canaan Valley, we always visit Blackwater Falls State Park. There wasn't much water on the falls this week. I took my picture from the handicap overlook. I have a lot of photos of Blackwater Falls and I didn't feel like walking down all those steps, well the walk back up is what is bad. I took a lot of pictures o f the mountains there and we walked around the lodge some. I also took pictures of deer and a cabin that some had really went all out with their fall decorations. On Wednesday evening, the 8th, we had our anniversary dinner at Blackwater Falls restaurant. We had the buffet and the food was really good.

This is the sign going into Davis,
where Blackwater State Park is located. The part that is too small to read says: "The Highest Incorporated Town in West Virginia".

Just past the Davis sign, there is a place where the mountain water runs out of the ground continuously.

John is filling a couple of water bottles. The water is really good. He remembers getting water here years ago when he was a teenager deer hunting in the area.

A photo of the Blackwater Canyon.

A view of Blackwater Falls taken from the handicap overlook. This is the lowest that I've ever seen the water.

Some deer and colorful foliage in the cabin area of Blackwater Falls State Park.

A cabin at Blackwater Falls State Park. I think they went a little overboard with decorations.

This is so neat! I know you can't see it very well, but someone has stacked rocks by the sign of a trail called "Balanced Rock Trail".

This is a more close up view, but it doesn't show them all.

This is the entrance of the Blackwater Falls Lodge.

Behind the lodge, located on the overlook, is Halley's time capsule that will be opened in the year 2062, upon the comet's return. I don't think I will be around for that.

Another view of the mountains at the park.

e sign reads: CAUTION ROCK CLIFFS. This sign is located near the Pendleton Falls overlook, looking down into the Blackwater Canyon.

"Be careful, John".
He always makes me nervous, walking to the edge of those cliffs, his hands in his pockets. Doesn't bother him one bit. ___________________________________________________


Kathy said...

Your pictures are spectacular! You sure have some beautiful country this time of year.

Janet said...

I love the mountain water coming out of the rock...and I like the stacked rocks...and the canyon is beautiful.

Janet, said...

Hi again,
I've just gave you the Fabulous Fall Decor Award for all your wonderful fall pictures. Come on over and copy it and post it on your sight. If you know someone you want to give it to, you can pass it on to them.

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