Friday, January 8, 2010


It is already January 8, 2010...
and I'm finally getting a Christmas post on.
I enjoyed having my daughters and their families
on Christmas Eve.....and of course
Johnny, Sierra and Lily.
We had lots of good food....
big turkey with dressing, ham, mashed
potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole,
and lots of good deserts.
This was Lily's first Christmas.
She was facinated with the wrapping.
She got lots of educational toys.

I got Shayna, our young artist,
art supplies....
she seemed very pleased.
Check out that hat....
doesn't she look like an artist?

Holley is wondering what is in her package.
I got her things from her list....
small curling iron, hair brush and
fuzzy socks.
Here is Marlee....
she likes earrings.
I got her a kit to make several
pairs of earrings and tools to work with.
Here is Johnny and Sierra.
I got Johnny a pair of fleece pants....
Sierra said he would have to share those.
Sierra got a manicure set and a box
of her favorite candy....
chocolate covered cherries.
Here are all of my granddaughters.
Shayna loves to play with Lily.
I just love my granddaughters.

They are all so precious.
Shayna is so grown up...
Marlee and Holley are so
growing up....
and now we have little Lily.
God has blessed me with these
wonderful girls....
I love being a ma ma...or granny,
as Shayna and Marlee call me.


Real Life Reslers said...

You have a beautiful family!
BTW, I live near Charleston , Wv. How are you holding up in this snow? My Hewie is loving it! I practically have to force him to come back inside!

Gloria said...

Beautiful girls!

Linda said...

Looks like Lilly was overwhelmed with all her gifts. Babies make Christmas special.

I had hoped we could meet sometime this past summer. The past several months has been a blur. When the snow melts, let get together.

Stay warm and remember to keep the water running so the pipes won't freeze.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Shirley,
I love all your Christmas photos, and seeing all of the wonderful memories you all made, you do have a beautiful family, I especially enjoyed the photo of your grandchildren on the sofa. Thanks for sharing.

Janet, said...

Looking at the pictures, I feel like I was there. Looks like you all had a good time.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Looks like ya'll had a great really makes the holidays!
And the pictures in your header!
How beautiful are these little creations of God.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful family!
I'm not sure who is the for having them or them for having a Granny that loves them so.

HDMac said...

What a beautiful family and what a fun time together! :) Love these moments, don't you? :) :) :)

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