Tuesday, March 17, 2009


These are photos taken at the hospital today.

Isn't she just precious!

She is coming home tomorrow.


Vera said...

She is so precious and beautiful.

Denise said...

hey girl!!!! Look at that little face....OMG...... how precious is she...... God did good making her! I am so glad that I got out and about tonight and got by to see her..... Not proud or anything are you????? and congrats on that weight loss! You keep it up..... I am back on the wagon since all the sickness....... It will work if we work it! box should go in the mail tomorrow!!!!!!!

I love the name of that precious little girl..... Lilyana Grace Beautiful

Twisted Fencepost said...

So sweet! And the pride abounds!!
Where did you learn to make that collage? tee hee
Looks great!

Janet, said...

She's a pretty little girl with a pretty name. I've already seen the pictures, but how did you make that collage?

Shanda said...

She is so precious, congratulations to your whole family. I love her name. I always thought isf I ever had a daughter I would like for Grace to be a part of her name. Daddy looks so proud and momma doesn't look bigger than a minute. Hard to believe she just had a baby.
Enjoy her and try not to spoil her too much,

Denise said...

Just wanted to come by again and say thanks for all the encouragement that you bring to my life....... It is amazing how so many ladies that have never met can be so close...... It is so God

Sharon Brumfield said...

What a sweet one!
She is beautiful.

Linda said...

Oh how sweet!!! I see she is wearing a purple bow in her hair. Bet you are spoiling her already! Look forward to more pictures.

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