Sunday, March 8, 2009


Not much time left.
Due date is March 27th.
We are guessing sooner.
Wednesday exam showed 1 centimeter dilated.
Friday evening. . . . off to the ER.
Pain down one side of stomach.
Exam showed pulled ligament.
Exam also showed 2 centimeter dilated
and 50% effacement.
Sounds like it's getting close to me.
Full moon comes Tuesday.
What do you think?
Posed in front of our new storage building.

It looks like little Lilyana is about ready to make her deput.


Vera said...

That baby really looks low. Full moon, look out, you know grandma was very much on going by the moon.

Janet, said...

She'll probably deliver before the 27th. Just hope her labors aren't as long as mine were. Of course, if the baby could wait until the 20th, she'd have it on Charley's birthday.

Shirley said...

When I was in the hospital having my son, I recall the nurse/ midwife looking out the window and sighing "It's a full moon." The maternity ward was filled that night. That wasn't the night I had my son. I had my son two days later of the morning.

Linda said...

This is weird....I commented on this post earlier in the week. Oh well.

With the full moon I bet Lilyana makes her appearance any day. I love her name!!!

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