Monday, March 2, 2009


After a lot of preparations,
and anxiety of having everything ready,
it was time for the baby shower.
And, all was ready before the first guest arrived.
My daughter, Tania, the grandma-to-be was a big help.

Among those in attendance were the
first time mommy-to-be,
first time grandma-to-be,
first time great-grandma-to-be,
first time aunt-to-be,
and other friends and family members.

Games were played which had brains working.

It was good to hear the laughter,
letting me know the guests were having fun.

Then time to eat before gift opening.
There was homemade potato salad,
homemade meat balls,
little smokies in bq sauce,
turkey pinwheels, cheese cubes,
black olives, baby pickles,
crackers, and nuts, fruit salad,
and of course, cake.

Below is a close up of the cake that I made.

Then, for the awaited gift opening.
Mommy-to-be was so excited.
She was showered with many nice baby things.

My grandaughter, Holley, is the aunt-to-be,
caught below on the left edge of this photo.

Below is a blanket that I made for her
with an iron on applique.

Below is Tania, opening the gift that I got for her,
the special grandma-to-be.
Below is the diaper cake made by Tania,
with the help of Holley.

Below is the plaque that I made, using
a photo frame and backed with black felt.
I added bows and ribbon.
My talented nephew, Andrew, made the
letters out of wood, and I painted them pink.
The butterflies, which I already had,
I painted pink also.

Now all the "to-be's" are waiting for the reality.

The birth is predicted for March 27th for

Lilyana "Lily" Grace.
You can expect a post after her birth,with lots of pictures.


Twisted Fencepost said...

The blanket and the plaque are adorable. Looks like everyone was having fun.

Terri said...

It was a very nice shower. You and Tania did a good job. Glad Sierra got lots of nice things. Can't wait for Lily to join us. (Still think she should be Lily Rose)

Janet, said...

Looks like we all had a great time! I like Lily Grace, it reminds me of our Aunt Gracie. She got lots of pretty and useful items, maybe she'll have her baby on the 20th (Charley's birthday).

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