Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My heart was so touched.
I just about cried.
Such a little thing.
But it meant everything to me.
Not just the beautiful gift,
but, him thinking of me.
No special occasion.
Just something he saw.
He thought of me.
And he bought it for me.
Oh the joy that filled my heart.
Just to know that I came to his mind.
There isn't words to express the love
that I've always had for him from
the moment I first laid eyes on him.
He has always been special to me.
Now, he made me feel special.
No, girls,
I'm not talking about my husband.
My grandson.
Just look what he gave me.
Isn't it beautiful!
And, it even has birds on it.

He knows his ma ma is usually always hot
and has to have something fanning her.
But, what was so special is that he thought of me.
I will cherish that in my heart for as long as I live.
The most important gift. . . .
He thought of me and. . . .



Janet, said...

How sweet! Sometimes boys will surprise you.

Vera said...

Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much.

Twisted Fencepost said...

He knew what to buy because your hearts have a kindred spirit.
Such a sweet post!!!

Jeanne said...

Aweeee, that was sooo nice.

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