Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today was a wonderful day!
My daffodils are blooming!
I think Mr. Frog is welcoming Spring.

Huey enjoyed the day too.

The temperature was 80 degrees.
We stayed home and worked all day.
My hubby worked on the storage building
that he is almost finished with it..
I even helped him some today.
Poor thing. . . .worked on his 65th birthday.

I cleaned off the back porch. . . . . a major job!
I carried things into the storage building.
I cleaned some inside.
I was on my feet most all day. . . .
which is a no no for me. . . . my back is killing me.

Thursday and Friday were good days also.
We went fishing and the weather was great,
although a little windy. . . . I got a little burned.
Sorry, no pic of me.
Hubby and I both love fishing, especially trout fishing.
He didn't know I snapped this.
He'd kill me if he knew I posted it.
I know you won't tell.

The ducks enjoyed themselves.
Even the "ugly duck".
Hope all of you had a good Friday and Saturday.
And, have a good Sunday tomorrow!


Vera said...

I wonder where you got the love for fishing. LOL
I won't tell this time..

Janet, said...

If know! I know! But I won't tell, either.
Those are great pictures, you should have taken one of the storage building. I love the little frog, I think he has spring fever like the rest of us.I wish I had daffodils.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love those pics, Shirley.
Your secret is safe with me.
I have also enjoyed this warm weather. And I hope it doesn't turn cold again. Everything is starting to bloom.

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