Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The first snow accumulation and it's cold outside.
I miss the fall colors and fall weather.
Snow has covered the fallen leaves.
The bird feeders have been filled.
I love to watch the birds.

My fall decorations have a touch of show. They normally hang around until after Thanksgiving. First time for snow before Thanksgiving in a long time.

The chairs on the patio around the fish pond will have to be put away for the winter.

Have you gotten your first snow for the year yet?


Janet, said...

Yes, I have. But I didn't get any pictures.It was beautiful and sparkly on the trees, but we got in stopped traffic on the interstate and along with about 2 miles of cars had to sit for over 30 minutes. By the way, it was out your way at the Tuppers Creek exit.

Shanda said...

Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful and I can hardly wait fior our first snow each year. We are heading to Montana next week and I guess I'll probably get my fill on snow. Happy Holidays and I'll catch uo with ya when I return.

Denise said...

I love snow !!!!!! Really love snow! But alas we do not get much here in Southern Oklahoma anymore.... and I really miss that... We used to get one big snow every winter but not in many years! Sooooooooooo you enjoy that girl friend...... Make a snow angel for me!

Linda said...

You got more snow that us. You must be north of I-64. The weatherman always says the rain and snow will hit north of I-64.

I posted the meme that you tagged me with. I started making the baby quilt and have neglected my blogging.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay warm!!

The Tile Lady said...

Your scarecrows are still smiling, even though they are covered with snow! :-)

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