Monday, November 3, 2008


I have been busy making little Christmas crafts. I guess you might say I'm getting into the Christmas mood. I even bought a small 4 ft white tree with lights on it. I haven't had a tree for years. I live in a single wide mobile home and just don't have much room, but decided that I want to try to have one this year. I'm posting a photo of a few of my ornaments that I've finished. They can be used as a tree ornament or they can adorn gifts. I enjoy making crafts. I get my ideas from crafting sites and blogs. I usually just get ideas and make them a little differently. Sometimes, I even have a brain storm and create something of my own. I may be posting more as I create different ones. Hope you enjoy.

These are my little snowmen and gingerbread boys and girls. The yarn angel is holding a golden harp. Aren't they cute? I think they are.

I'll be posting more soon.


Janet, said...

Glad to hear you're finally going to have a tree. Those are cute little ornaments, don't know which ones are my favorite. I've finally made a few of my own.

Kathy said...

Love 'em! I may have to take your idea and make some for myself - if you don't mind.

Shanda said...

Hi Shirley, so nice to meet you. I have an aunt named Shirley also.
I thinbk your ornaments are really cute and I think it's neat that you have decided to have a small tree this year. Who know's what's next? right? I found your blog to be interesting and inspiring so I listed you up on mine. I hope that it's OK. Looking forward to spendijg the holidays with you and see what sll you do,

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