Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A new experience for me!
Our pastor's wife had planned a day trip to the Amish country of Ohio. John and I had visited the Amish country just last October with my sister and one of her sons. I loved it. Of course John didn't care much for it, but I'm glad he went. It is not normal for him to do things like that, but I think he went because he was curious. He found out that it involved browsing lots of crafty shops and that is just not his thing. Since I loved it so much and there was so much more to see than a day could contain, I decided that I would like to go again sometime. When this trip came up at church, I just had to go. This would be a new experience for me since I had never gone anywhere with the church ladies before. We met at the church at 7:00 a.m. There were 16 of us. We traveled in three vans. The trip was about three hours. It didn't seem that long to me because we enjoyed just talking together. When we got there, we parke
d and divided up in small groups to go where we pleased, eat lunch and then meet again so we could all go to dinner together. My friend and I browsed a lot of shops and made a few purchases. We had lunch at Java Jo's Coffee Shop, where I had a portabella veggie wrap.....DELICIOUS!! We all had dinner at the Der Dutchman Restaurant.....THE BEST! The line at the restaurant was very very long. We were allowed to go straight in. They had tables lined up so that we could all sit together. The food was THE BEST! I had the Amish sampler. I had to take part of it home to finish later. Shortly after dinner, we left for home and arrived back at the church around 10:00 p.m. That was a day that I will always remember. I'm hoping that there are more outings like this planned for the ladies of the church. It is good for the soul to get away for fun and fellowship once in awhile.....at least it was good for me. I had a great day....fellowship was great.....browsing was great......fall scenery was great......weather was great. But, shame on me, I only took one picture.

This is a photo of one of the many
horse and buggys that we saw on the streets.

I really enjoyed seeing these.

Next time, I'll take more pics.


Janet, said...

Glad you had such a good time. Did you buy any cheese? Can't believe you only took one picture.

Kathy said...

I too enjoy visiting the Amish areas, we have a few here in Missouri. My husband is not one for visiting crafty type places either so it just gives me an excuse to do things with my girlfriends.

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a lovely trip. My hubby would never take a trip like this, but it makes a great girls getaway.

The Tile Lady said...

Great trip! Sounds like a wonderful day, and I enjoyed hearing about it.

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