Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Every spring….in April....
we visit a place in Wayne County…
Cabwaylingo State Forest.

We have done this for probably the past fifteen years or so.
Most people vacation in the summer….
going to the beaches….
not me…..too hot!
I prefer cool spring weather….
forests….old log cabins….
old fireplaces….walks and hikes….
wild flowers….wild life….fishing streams….
solitude….peace and quiet.

This is our favorite cabin to stay in.

The date "1936" is engraved
in the stone on the porch.

The view from the front porch…..

I love to sit here and listen to
the running water…..
so peaceful…..soothing……
and relaxing.

I got a shot of Missy on the back porch.

I so, so love a fireplace.....
that was our only source of heat.
John had to get up several times
during the night to tend to the fire.

Each day Missy and I took walks.

We saw deer and squirrel….
they ran before I could snap a picture.
Missy tried to run after them…..
her lease wouldn’t let her.

We saw a lot of wild flowers…..
See that may apple pushing
it’s way right up through
a dead leaf!

white trilliums

don't know what these are called.... Missy exploring.
John did a lot of fishing but only caught
three trout one day and one trout another day.
The stream was stocked the week before….
and the locals had about fished them all out.
I didn't catch any trout....but.....

I caught a snapping turtle….
John had to use the net to get it on the bank…
It was heavy and he was surprised
that I got it in.
Set free……
heading back to the water.

One day we drove to Laurel Lake….
about 20 miles away…..

I thought this was interesting…..
I’d never heard of petroglyphs before.
Go here to read about them and also about the tunnel.

But... same story on the trout there….
but we enjoyed the drive…..
We had to travel through two tunnels.
I don’t like tunnels.
These tunnels were very old….
one was very long……
the date engraved at the top is “1914”.
They were only one lane and you had to
make sure there wasn’t an oncoming vehicle
in the tunnel before entering.

the other was not so long.

Another day took a drive to the top of a hill
where one of the campgrounds is located.

Yea! Cell phone service!
I could call my daughter and check on Huey.
I didn’t like leaving him home alone….
but my daughter was to check on him each evening for me.

We drove on and found an old cemetery….
Ferguson Cemetary.
This old tombstone was hard to read…..
the date looked like in the 1800’s.

I liked this plaque that was placed on another grave.

“I am not gone,
my soul lives on, but in a better place.
Surrounded by the light of God
in all his glory and grace.

Ed Ferguson
6-29-14 11-6-04

We stopped on the way back down at a picnic area
to do some exploring.

Look at that tree holding onto that rock.

John and Missy checking out the “out house”.

Some violets growing right on the rock wall.

Some burgundy trilliums.

Look at that BIG nest!
Don’t know what kind of bird nest that is.

Below is a statue of a conservation worker
located near the group camp area.
The inscription reads……



1935 - 1938


AUGUST 27, 2005

That concludes my vacation post.

Did you find it entertaining....interesting.....or boring? lol

I know it sure was a real job getting this all together.

I'd like to hear about your vacations too.


Vera said...

Shirley, I really enjoyed your vacation, Thanks for taking me,LOL

Twisted Fencepost said...

I loved this post. Shows me places from my home state that I've never seen. And I love the tunnels. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

Janet, said...

Real good post. I wondered when you were going to put it up. I want to go somewhere so bad. It'll have to wait, tho, there's too much to do around here right now. Loved going on your vacation with you through your pictures. Sure looked like something I would enjoy.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Wow! Shirley,
This is my kind of a vacation,
I like old cabins, and walking through the woods,fishing and sight seeing. There is so much history to be discovered in our state as well. I understand you all going back , i would too.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words, I don't like a treadmill either, how ungrateful am I? LOl

But i just love to be outside enjoying the things that God has provided . I am so glad to have met another fellow christian here in blogland , It seems we have a lot in common.I so like the idea of having a weekly post. It is a good accountability!

For instance, Last evening we got home at seven and it was showering rain, I told my husband I probably wouldn't be able to walk, He said "Well hon you know you have a treadmill".LOL

I thought no way,.. he went to run an errand, and I thought "I have committed to this and I don't want to fail, so I got those tennis shoes on and went for a walk, outside. Hubby came back and saw me walking and gave me the thumbs up, He is really supporting me..
My flesh wanted to go in the house and stay but because of this commitment I knew I had to go , I later told my husband I was so glad I did. I can't tell you how good it feels after I walk. So please keep praying for me, and I will you. We owe it to not only ouselves to get and stay healthy we owe it to our families.
My mother is 81 and she practices a healthy lifestyle by eating right portions and by walking. Takes no medication. One would think that I would have observed her habits and not gone the route I have.lol

I am so sorry for talking you ears off. Thank you for taking the time to listen and hope your day is filled with many wonderful blessings,

Sharon Brumfield said...

I loved the pictures of your trip!
What an awesome cabin to stay in...Keith and I would have just loved it.
And you remind me of ME and all the pictures of the plants and flowers. I just love to take my camera when we hike.
I am glad ya'll had such a great time...I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. I can understand why you love to go there.

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