Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last week, John decided it was time
to clean the fish was yucky.

Cleaning the fish pond is a major job.
Since we don't have a drain,
the water must be pumped out
as much as possible....then the
rest is dipped out. John gets in
with his wading boots.

Of course before getting all of the
water out...the fish must be caught.
He catches them in a net and puts
them in a holding tub. That is a job
when the water is dirty....and there
are over 30 fish to be caught.
They are reall packed in the holding tub.

After the pond is cleaned....water
must be carried in five gallon buckets
from the rain water barrels.....that is
a lot of water and a lot of carrying....
which almost fills the pond.

Now it is time to put the fish back in...
a lot easier than taking them out.

In the beginning.....several years ago....
when we first made the pond....we had
only a few fish. We bought them at a
store that sold them for fish bait.
Those fish grew much bigger.....
a few years granddaughter
discovered that we had babies! We
were so excited but also afraid that
they would not survive....but they did...
and grew and grew....we had too many
fish for our small pond and had to
give some of them away.....we still
think that maybe we have too many.
The pump runs year round
so that they will have air in the water.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of the fish.
I love to sit by the pond and watch them.
They are many
white....and some are mixed colors.

Do any of you have ponds....
self-built or natural?


Janet, said...

Well, you know that we used to. But it got too hard to keep clean and take care of. Ours was out in the sun and we should have probably put it in a little shade. It was beautiful when it was clean, we had lily pads that spread and made more.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Nope, no ponds here. Wish we did. My daughter never got that fish pond dug that my father-in-law swore she was gonna dig for him.

Denise said...

My brother had one for years..... this year he finally filled it in.. He lost all his fish last summer and decided it was just too much work ..... I am thinking that I want one....... after looking at yours I DO WANT ONE........ I love those fish!

Shanda said...

Wow, you have so many fish. I bought two crass carp for my very small farm pond last year. I don't know if they made it through the winter or not, I can't seem because it would be too big for that. I hope they will become huge and I can feed them and see them some day like my neighbor does. I have a tiny water feacher in my north garden and it is ready for spring cleaning also. I love to hear the water rushing over the rocks while the windows are open.

Tammy said...

I've always thought I would enjoy a fish pond with a water fall...but alas we are renters so I don't think that is in the picture.

I came across your blog this enjoying it!

blessin's ♥

Sharon Brumfield said...

Love your pond! Yes, it seems like a lot of work...but if it brings you is worth it.
We had a pond at our old was fed by an artesian well. The water flowed up from the ground and then down a cement pond and then out to the river. We could not keep fish in it because the owls would come and eat them. They even carried off a huge catfish that we were keeping there to eat after a fishing trip.

Linda said...

My BIL who lives in Sissonville has a fish pond in his backyard. I always enjoy watching the fish when I visit.

Denise said...

WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER EMAIL ME!!!!!!! ARE YOU GONE SOMEWHERE AND I MISSED THE POST..... Sooooooooooo let me k now you are OK!!!!!!!!!

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