Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

I love to get Christmas cards.

Most of the cards that I get are from my friends at church. We have "mail boxes" at church that we put the cards in. There is one box for each letter of the alphabet and we go through the box having the first letter of our last name.

A few cards are received in the mail. Some of these are from friends whom I have not seen for years, but they always send me a card for Christmas. Those are special friends.......the ones you will always remember and hold a special place in your heart.

One special friend who now lives in South Carolina, was the first friend that I made when I was first married and lived in Cleveland, Ohio. I also received a card from a very new friend who lives in Oklahoma.....Denise, of Samaritan Women. That card was a blessing to me. I like making new friends.

Some of the cards that I receive are ones that are hand delivered or placed in my mail box that is by the road.

I display all the cards that I receive on the inside of my front door. As you can see, it is usually completely covered.

I usually distribute a little over 100 cards each year. Of course most of them are hand delivered, only a few are mailed. To me, Christmas cards are one way we let our friends know that we still remember them and that we wish the best for them.

What about you? Do you send and receive Christmas cards?


Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh yeah, I love Christmas cards.
Giving and receiving. I have to admit I was a little slack this year. Just can't get myself organized. But, there's always next Christmas.
I hope you had a very peaceful Christmas.

Vera said...

I love my cards, I didn't get very many this year, didn't send but five and four of them were out of state, thanks for the card from you and John.

Janet, said...

Like your cards. I hang mine around the door opening from the living room into the family room.

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