Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I was a kid.....
a long, long time ago....
I remember that we had a
subscription to a magazine called
"The Saturday Evening Post".
Each magazine's cover was a painting
by Norman Rockwell.
Do any of you remember those magazines?
I recently helped a friend get ready to
move back to her home in Maryland.
She gave me a few of her things that
she wasn't going to take with her.
Below is a photo of a
Norman Rockwell
collector's plate....
"An American Mother".

I think it is really nice.
I must clear off a spot to display it.

4 comments: said...

I do remember the Post. I remember Hazel the maid in the cartoon each month!! Hugs Grams

Janet, said...

You know, I don't remember us getting the Saturday Evening Post, but if you remember it, I guess we did. One I do remember buying was Grit. That is a pretty plate, Norman Rockwell was a great painter and he captured America so well with his artwork.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Most of the Normal Rockwell that I remember are reprints.
Love that plate. So sweet!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I do remember my grandparents getting the Saturday Evening Post. It is a great memory.
Love the plate...we got a set of coffee cups with Rockwell scenes on them from Keiths mom.

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