Tuesday, October 27, 2009


October is my favorite month of the year.
Not only because I love the fall weather,
but because it holds some special days.
It is the month we take our fall vacation....
which I look forward to all year.
October 8th is our wedding anniversary.
It was our 43rd this year.
October 31st is my youngest daughter's wedding anniversary.
October 23rd is my youngest daughter's birthday.
October 22nd is her youngest daughter's birthday.
Marlee turned 13!
She has grown into a very pretty young girl.

For her birthday, her sister, Shayna....
our young artist,
painted a portrait of Marlee.
She did this in her art class at school.
She took a picture of Marlee with her to school.
Marlee was seven years old in the picture.
By looking at the picture, she painted the
portrait onto canvas and gave it to her
for her birthday.
I think she did a good job.
The picture below is of Marlee
holding the portrait.

Below is a picture of Shayna
with the portrait.
They are both pretty girls....
my granddaughters.
I'm so proud of them.

What do you think?


Vera said...

I think Shayna did a good job and they are two very pretty girls...

Janet, said...

How sweet of Shayna to do that for her sister. Happy belated Birthday Marlee and Terri Ann!

Denise said...

Beautiful portraits...... What a wonderful gift......

Hugs girl

HDMac said...

She did a GREAT job! Both beautiful girls. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Happy belated birthday, Marlee!
I think Shayna did a great job!
Both of them are beautiful young ladies.

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