Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh, how I love sitting outside
on a not so hot evening
with a fire in the fire pit
by the fish pond.

Huey likes to join us.

We had an unexpected visitor...
he flew down from the sky
like a hellicopter,
landing on a chair.
Huey was currious.

He got a little closer to inspect.

He followed it around as it moved
along the chair,
keeping a little distance.
Following on around.
Up on his hind legs
for a closser look.
Well, here, our visitor decided it was time leave...
taking his flight so fast I didn't get a
picture of his retreat.
That was so much fun....
just watching Huey.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Love the fire pit!
Oh the summer nights and the fun they bring.
Cute pictures of your little glad the bug did not venture on to its nose. Now that would have been a picture! :)

Janet, said...

Huey is cute, but I don't like the bug! He's a mean looking critter. Our nights have been hot, how did you stand being by that fire. said...

What a beautiful dog!! He looks so cute looking at the big bad bug!!! Hugs Grams

Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute post, Shirley!
I like to watch the dogs when they get after something. Especially when they can't see what it is that's making the noise in the weeds. It drives them nuts.

Shanda said...

Fireplace outside is just what we are doing tonight. 57 degrees tonight is plum cold for a Missouri August night, gonna need a sweet shirt also. Hubby is taking off tomorrow to get some work done in the cool also. Your little poochie is too cute, such a pretty dog.

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