Saturday, January 24, 2009


On January 25, 1993,
my first granddaughter was born.
She came via emergency C section.
Had Ma Ma scared for awhile.
She and her mother lived with us
for the first two years of her life.
Ma Ma became very attached to
little Shayna Leigh.
After they moved out,
I got her for most weekends.
She attended Sunday School with me.
I have so, so many good memories with her.
One of my most favorite memories
is of picking wildflowers.
She was probably four years old.
We walked on the hill behind our home.
We found a very large patch of wildflowers.
The Sweet Williams smell so good.
Shayna got really excited and said,
"Ma Ma, who planted all these flowers here?"
I said, "God did."
She raised her pretty little face
toward Heaven,and said,
"Thank you, God."
My heart was so full of thankfulness
to see my little Shayna thanking God
for those wildflowers
with such sweet sincerity.
Here she is with a bouquet of Sweet Williams.
Isn't she just adorable?

Now she is "grown", and has a busy schedule.
Ma Ma doesn't get to see her very often anymore.
Today she turned "Sweet 16".
She is still adorable.


Vera said...

She sure is a beautiful girl, Happy Birthday Shayna!

Anonymous said...

Thank you garannie. I love you so much. :)


Janet, said...

Happy Birthday Shayna!

You sure were cute holding those sweet williams, I can smell them now.
Oh, to be 16 again, enjoy your day.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Happy Birthday, Shayna!
And yes, she is a beautiful young lady! said...

Happy Birthday to Shayna! She is so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by and going down memory lane with me!!
I sure do like your back ground and header, it looks so nice! Love and hugs Grams

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